We provide a single shuttle to and from the villa free of charge for up to 12 guests with luggage. If arrival times are spread out you can choose to wait for groups to arrive and travel to the villa together or we are happy to arrange separate transportation at an additional cost. The cost for transportation is $80 for up to 4 guests and an additional $15 per person above 4. The drive to our villa from the Montego Bay airport is typically 1 - 1.5 hours depending on traffic and the time of day.


Food & Beverage

Food and beverages are not included in the rental rate. The cost of food and beverages varies with each guest and is based on your selections. It can be hard to estimate the cost for food and drinks but we have found it can range anywhere from $60 to $85 per person per day (for adults) and kids will vary based on age. We would say the average is about $70 per person per day for adults and closer to $50 for kids. Our chef is happy to cater to any sort of budget that our guests may have. The way it works is you and the other guests will plan meals and drinks for the first two days after reviewing our menu. Your choices are then emailed to our chef and will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Once you arrive our chef and bartender will sit down with all guests and plan food and drinks for the remainder of the week. The chef does all of the grocery shopping for you and will need to be reimbursed.

The first two day's groceries will need to be paid back in cash (USD or JMD) on Sunday or Monday. Foods bought from the markets like seafood, fruits, and vegetables for the remainder of the week will also need to be paid for in cash.

Currently, the 3 ways our guests are able to pay for their groceries are:
1.) Cash (USD or JMD)
2.) Prepaid Travel Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)
3.) Accompany our Chef to the grocery store and pay with your own credit card. Currently, only Mastercard and Visa are accepted credit cards.


Our guests will typically tip our staff on average 15% in high season to 20% in low season of the base rental rate (before tax & fees) at the end of their stay which is then divided accordingly among our 9 staff members. Tips will need to be in cash (USD or JMD)

***We want to make sure our guests bring enough cash to cover their needs and won't have to panic trying to get to a bank or ATM. Unfortunately, cash is currently the best way to pay for these items without having to add unnecessary fees.

Villa Info

The Seven Mile Beach is known for its lively atmosphere and Reggae music. Live reggae can be enjoyed two to three nights a week next door at Roots Bamboo depending on the season, which you can enjoy from the comforts of your own lounge chair. We do happily provide earplugs for those wishing to retire early.

Please Note: The maximum number of guests that we can accommodate is 12. To maintain the privacy and exclusivity the use of the villa is for its guests only. Outside visitors are not permitted.